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Search and Selection

MTR Partnership Search and Selection Services

Recruitment Options

Contingency / Database Recruitment

This involves the use of our database together with advertising on industry specific websites, Social Media, and our own website - it offers quick, effective results particularly for roles where there are a good number of active candidates available.

Retained Search and Selection

Our Approach

Our Retained Search and Selection Service is best suited to vacancies that are; at a senior level / key ‘high impact’, confidential, niche/hard to fill or time critical roles and ensures confidentiality, speed, and rigour. Typically, only 30% of potential candidates are visible or actively seeking a role, these 30% of candidates will be approached regularly by recruiters working on a contingency basis and are likely to respond to advertisements. When you instruct multiple recruiters to work on a contingency basis this 30% may be approached about the same role by a variety of recruiters, this affects their view of your company in a negative way and can convey desperation.

Our retained model ensures that the remaining 70% of the market are also targeted ensuring a much better field of candidates for you to choose from as it allows us to spend the time necessary to unearth and prequalify their suitability for your role.

We have a 7 stage model;

Stage 1:

Research Phase – This is the most important phase of the process – we would spend time with you and other key stakeholders gaining a thorough understanding of your business, competitor analysis, mapping and the profile of the ideal individual, success criteria for the role – personality type, background and experience together with discussing 4 to 5 key questions that your stakeholders would like us to ask potential candidates as part of the screening process. We may produce a candidate briefing pack at this stage highlighting the key benefits of your business and the role itself.


Stage 2:

Candidate Identification – Through existing contacts, networking, and market research, we identify and generate a longlist of potential candidates working for organisations whose profile would suit the role requirements. Advertising may be required at this stage and can either be explicit or low profile and generic.


Stage 3:

Candidate Approach – We will contact these candidates, confirming their initial interest in the position. If interested, we will establish information on their background, experience and capabilities and decide if they are suitable for short listing and interview.


Stage 4:

Shortlisting & MTR Interviews – We will meet and interview each candidate considered suitable from Stage 3 and will present them with a full overview your organisation and the specific role including project details if the role is project specific. We will explore their work history, understand reasons for leaving previous jobs, discuss their aspirations and requirements to see if these are met by your role and discuss the position in greater detail.

We will present a longlist of people we have identified and a shortlist that we recommend for interview. We will discuss those who have been discounted and why. Where possible we take suitable work references on individuals on the shortlist from previous / most recent employers or clients (where their current situation would not be compromised).


Stage 5:

Interviews & Feedback – We will arrange for you to meet the selected candidates (We can also participate in your interviews with both internal and external candidates if required). Following your meetings, we will feedback any initial queries or uncertainties expressed by any party can be addressed at this time and further rounds of interviews/presentations for successful candidates can then be arranged.

Psychometric / Personality Profiling can be arranged at final selection stage, if required, prior to an offer being made – timings & volumes to be agreed.


Stage 6:

Offer Stage & Placement – We will manage the offer process including presentation, clarification, resignation process, counteroffer mitigation and will manage the expectations of both sides so there is clarity of what will happen and when. We will keep in contact with the candidate and you to ensure they have all the information needed to accept the position. We keep in regular contact with both sides through their notice period to ensure successful appointment. Candidates notice periods are often lengthy and their current employer will likely use this time to try to convince them to reconsider their decision to leave. To mitigate this, we keep in close contact with the candidate to reinforce their reasons to join your business. We often arrange informal meetings between ourselves and the candidate and between the candidate and you during this period to reiterate these points.


Stage 7:

Aftercare – We will meet with the newly appointed person during the first 3 months of appointment to ensure expectations are being met. We will complete a post placement questionnaire to discuss their experience of the recruitment process to highlight any areas that need improvement. This will be passed on to you at review meetings to improve the process moving forwards.


MTR Search and Selection Team

Lead Consultant – Chris Pyle
Overview – Chris is a degree qualified recruitment professional with over 23 years’ worth of Construction recruitment experience gained in the North West of England.

Chris has worked with both Contingency and Executive Search and Selection recruitment businesses in the region filling key roles a wide variety of contractors from Subcontractors, Regional and National Contractors, House Builders to Developers.

Support Consultant – John Taylor
Overview – John is the Managing Director of MTR Partnership and has 25 years construction recruitment experience initially gained with Hays Montrose where he managed their Manchester office in the late 90’s. John established MTR with his business partner Richard Mackertich in 2001 and has developed an impressive network within the North West and beyond.


Stage 1-4 (4-6 weeks)
Stage 5 (4 Weeks)
Stage 6 (2 Weeks)

Fee Structure

An Introduction Fee calculated on the expected basic salary will be charged in three stages.

  1. Agreement and appointment of MTR
  2. Presentation of a shortlist of a minimum 5 suitable candidates to be interviewed
  3. Successful appointment

Reasonable expenses to be agreed in advance with MTRP.

Rebate Period

The rebate period will cover the 3rd stage payment and will extend to:

0 to 5 weeks – 100% refund
6 to 8 weeks – 50%
9 to 12 weeks – 25%


MTR Partnership would work on an exclusive basis becoming your sole recruiting partner for the specific role and the agreement will be effective until a suitable candidate has been selected unless otherwise terminated in writing by either party.

The above is a variation to our Standard Terms of Business - all other terms remain unaffected.